Toaster Bag

Toaster Bag

It is very important for the bag not to touch the heating elements of the toaster. To avoid this, please do not overfill the bag. If the bag comes into contact with the heating elements, it will burn a hole in the bag, although the bag itself will not catch fire.

Connect with Sheerji Industries for high quality durable Toaster bags

Sheerji Industries created a niche position for it in the industry with the manufacturing and supplying of high quality Toaster Bags. With increasing consciousness among people for food qualities Sheerji Industries decided to launch Toaster Bags as one of the key products of the company. To get sandwich perfectly ready after toasting in toaster, use of such bags are mandatory.

One need to Slide a piece of sandwich right into non-toxic, as well as non-stick bag and then get it tossed in toaster. In few minutes time, one can have perfectly toasted and amazingly delicious sandwich. This bag is also perfect for use if in case one need to use the toaster for making items like Ham sammies, paninis, grilled cheese, pitas, pizza slices, garlic bread, and also to try bacon cooking using toaster.

Basic information about the elements use in the making of toaster bags by Sheerji Industries

These bags are manufactured by the experts of Sheerji Industries and are basically sleeves which are made out of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) of superior quality. It is a synthetic material which is quite similar to that of Teflon. These bags are of reusable nature and can be used for several times to toast the sandwich in toaster. All that need to be done is to rinse it with water or clean them using a dishwasher.

Material: Sheerji Industries is making use of international standard PTFE and Fiberglass Fabric for making of toaster bags
Colour: The product is available in 2 main colors Brown and Black. Customized color request can be accepted only in bulk.
Thickness: The bags in general are available with 0.07~0.20mm thickness or as per Customer′s Requirement
Size: The available sizes of the bags manufactured by us are 12X14cm, and 15X18cm or customized Customer′s Requirement can be accepted only on bulk orders

Applications of Toaster bags:

It can be used while working with Toasters, Ovens, or at the time of bread cooking on non stick base. Attention need to be given at the time of placing the bag in the toaster as it should not touch the toaster heating elements. Avoid overfilling of the bag as this may bring the bag in contact with heating base and will create a hole in bag but will not catch fire.

Role of Toaster bags:

If you are dreaming to enjoy the bite of a well cooked sandwich or toast made in your home toaster then use of the bags manufactured by our experts are a must for you.

  • It Protects the breads and sandwiches which you put in your toaster from getting burnt
  • It helps in Keeping the toasters as well as ovens clean after completing the toasting process in the toaster

Product Features of Toast bags Manufactured by Sheerji Industries:

  • Our bags are 100% non-stick with Teflon coated
  • Our Bag can be reused for many years
  • There is No need of applying grease to use
  • Our product is promoting healthier and sage eating habits
  • Cleaning of the bags can be done in Easy manner using soapy water. Just dry it inside out
  • This bag helps in keeping the Appliances perfectly clean even after use
  • Capable to handle High Temperatures ranging up to 500° F (260° C)
  • Each unit and batch manufactured by us need to pass under strict quality check before reaching the end users
  • Our products are available at an affordable price and only in bulk.

Being a leading manufacturer of this specialized bag we ensure that each client using our product is happy with our services and product quality.

“ We Will Also Take Customized Order As Per Clients Requirements. ”

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