Silicone Coated Fabric/Tape/Belt

Silicone Coated Fabric/Tape/Belt

Backed by the most advanced technologies, Shreeji Industries manufactures, supplies & exports highly versatile and efficient Silicone Coated Fabric/Tape/Belt.

Equipped with the latest features, the standard coated fabric is capable of releasing property under testing temperature. It emits viscous materials that adhere to fluorocarbon.

The standard coated tape is resistant to moisture, sunlight, mineral lubricating oils, air, non-oxidizing acids, mild alkali etc. With incomparably high abrasion resistance and flexibility, the coated belt is highly durable and is able to provide maximum.

The coated fabric is available in a great many exclusive models and different sizes. Moreover, it is modified or customized in harmony with the specifications presented by the clients.

The coated belt finds its applications in so many industries due only to its superior performance. As for instance, chemical, cement, oil industries, iron, safety curtains and more.

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Silicone Coated Fabric Tape Belt 1
Silicone Coated Fabric Tape Belt  4
Silicone Coated Fabric-Tape 13
Silicone Coated Fabric Tape Belt 3
Silicone Coated Fabric Tape Belt 2
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  • Ultra-modern design
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Very small bending radius
  • Resistant to moisture, sunlight
  • Supremely strong


  • Chemical
  • Cement
  • Oil industries
  • Iron
  • Safety curtains

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