PU Hoses

PU Hoses

Considering the massive requirements of the most advanced technologies in the industry, Shreeji Industries manufactures supplies & exports the most innovative range of PU Hoses. Our product know as PU Hoses Ahmedabad, PU Hoses Gujarat, PU Hoses India.

The standard PU hoses have been made with premium polyurethane materials. They feature copper plated spring steel spiral that is embedded in their construction. They are abrasion resistant and have long life.

Designed PU Hoses with the use of latest equipments, the hoses have tensile resistance. They are comparatively far stronger than any other ordinary products.

The superior hoses are remarkably flexible as they have the strength to remain elastic even below 0-degree Celsius. They are halogen free and physiological safe.

The ultra-flexible hoses feature so many designs. They come in various sizes and models. They are used in several industries such as, textiles, plastic, ceramic, printing, paint industries and more.



Size32mm to 400mm & Above
Std. Length10mtr., 15mtr., 20mtr.
Temp. Range-40°c to 90°c (+125°c short term)
OptionsSize as per your requirement.


  • Ultra-flexible even below 0-degree Celsius
  • Tensile resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Premium polyurethane material
  • Halogen free
“ We Will Also Take Customized Order As Per Clients Requirements.”


  • Textiles
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Printing
  • Paint industries


  • 32 to 350

Temperature range

  • -40°c to 90°c (+125°c short term)

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