PTFE Thread

PTFE Thread

PTFE materials are created from fiberglass filaments. It gives high heat resistance, strong and chemical resistance. PTFE Thread is manufactured by using effective tools that help to access for the longer time. We offer cost-effective products for retailers. It is extremely offering sticky products. It exists with various colors that outlined by a specific list. It helps to withstand temperature and operate according to your convenient way. Furthermore, it is manufactured for automatic packing machines. With the high class of raw material, it is designed for industry norms. Manufacturers are tested with different parameters to offer the exclusive quality of materials. It is free from defects and long lasting to operate.

Experts are created the thread with hundred percent PTFE to offer heavy water resistance. It is a great solution for domestic, industrial applications. The thread is made with the traditional polyester material. It offers additional solutions for your investment. The warranty will be available for buying thread from the wholesalers or retailers. At lesser investment, you might purchase high quality of a product. It gives high performance for many years that supported by a comprehensive warranty. It is exposed to any environment and designed with attractive designs. It has UV light and chemical attack.

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  • Virtually chemically inert – there are only a few chemicals that can affect PTFE fibers and only elementary alkali metals such as sodium can permanently damage the material.
  • 100% UV resistance – PTFE fibers do not degrade in the presence of UV light unlike polyester and nylon.   They will maintain their tensile properties indefinitely. This makes PTFE ideal for sewing outdoor fabrics.
  • Non flammable –PTFE has a very high LOI (>94%) and will not burn.
  • Low coefficient of friction – PTFE will repel most chemicals which makes it very effective as a filtration media. As a sewing thread, because of the very low friction, PTFE is basically self lubricating making it very easy to sew with.
  • Excellent thermal and electrical insulator – PTFE has a very high continuous service temperature of 500 deg F.
  • Appropriate for food and medical use – PTFE is approved by the FDA for use in food applications and in the medical field


  • Low mechanical strength – Tenacity of PTFE fibers is typically between 2.5 and 4.0 gpd depending on the material type and color. This is approximately 1/3 of the nominal strength of a standard high tenacity polyester or nylon.
  • Higher cost – Due to the specialized process needed to make PTFE fibers, they typically cost more than most other fibers.

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