PTFE Coated Thread

PTFE Coated Thread

The PTFE coated thread is one of the popular threads that is used for the heat shield, welding blankets, kiln seals and others. This thread is made of the continuous coated filaments. The PTFE Coated Thread is chemical resistant, strong and heat resistant. The thread is coated with the PTEE that improve the stability and also reduce the friction of the fiberglass.

The PTFE coated fiberglass thread is widely used for the various applications such as fiber bag, spray shield, seals, insulation, jacket, high-temperature gasket, welding blankets and others. It is also used for the insulation application, dry filtration, and others. The thread has excellent thermal stability that can withstand the operating temperature up to 550 c. The PTFE coated fiberglass thread is perfectly suitable for the welding blanket, heat shield, safety shield and others.

The PTFE coating helps to improve the strength of the thread. It has exclusive features such as anti-corrosive, high thermal resistance, better sewability, flexible thread and others. The unique operating property of the thread needs the operator training to make the thread work acceptably. You can purchase the best thread form the leading manufacturer.


  • High thermal resistance
  • Anti corrosive
  • Chemically inert
  • High strength
  • Uniform PTFE coating
  • Continuous flexible thread
  • Glass fiber substrate
  • Minimum build up of contaminants
  • Better sew ability
  • Thermal shock resistance


  • Safety spray shields
  • Heat shield
  • Braided sleeving
  • For the insulation jack
  • Kiln seals
  • High temperature gaskets.
  • Welding blankets

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