PTFE Coated Tape

PTFE Coated Tape

Shreeji Industries is the renowned name in the field of manufacturing, supplying excellent range of PTFE Coated Tape. Made with the use of glass fiber materials, the tape is superior on every quality aspects.

Designed with the help of most advanced weaving equipments, it has a compact appearance. It features glass fiber fabric base. While the front of this coated tape is of PTFE, the back consists of silicone adhesive.

The coated tape comes with or without lining. It is ultra-efficient. As for offering output, it is quite superior.

The standard tape is available in an array of different models, designs and sizes. It is modified as well in accordance with the specifications given by clients.

It is used for many pressure roller coated machines. The tape is incomparable as an insulating liner.

The innovative tape is used in several applications including food, dairy products, heating plate, the sliding channel, hopper etc.

  • Base: Glassfiber fabric
  • Front: PTFE
  • Back: Silicone Adhesive

It has two type: Lining , the other hasn’t.

PTFE Coated Tape


  • Glass fiber materials
  • Compact appearance
  • Comes with or without lining
  • Superior output


  • Heating plate
  • Food, dairy products, pharmaceuticals of plastic film bags hot sealing pressure sticky.
  • The sliding channel, hopper, aviation mould etc liner paste.
  • Suitable for other places which need anti-metal and keeping a smooth part
  • Corrosion resistance and high temperature resistant surface treatment
  • As insulating liner, insulation parts of the insulation encapsulation etc.
  • Used for various fine pressure roller coated machine, the surface of laminating content

Specification of PTFE Coated Glassfiber Silicone PSA Tape

Higher width and thickness fabric is also available on request.
Slitted tape width : 12.5mm, 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 75mm, 200mm, 500mm

Thickness (mm)Max width (mm)Standard length (per roll,M)ColourTemperature range (ºC)

“ We Will Also Take Customized Order As Per Clients Requirements. ”

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