PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric/Tape/Belt

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric/Tape/Belt

Shreeji Industries has been engaged in manufacturing, supplying & exporting Expanded PTFE Membrane Fiber Cloth for around one and a half decades. The premium quality and most advanced features form the crux of the fiber cloth.

The standard PTFE membrane fiber cloth comes with surface filtration feature that is equipped to carry out the task of filtration with immaculate precision.

With almost zero emission and much higher product recovery, the fiber cloth is unbeatable in terms of offering desired output.

The higher air with cloth ratio makes it ultra-convenient for the design of much smaller size bag house. The cake release, which enables higher air flow besides reducing pressure drop, not only saves plenty of energy but also requires less energy in order to keep the filter bag clean. As a result, the cloth has a comparatively long life.

The membrane fiber cloth is temperature resistant and comes in a number of designs. Being supremely advanced, it is used in many industries such as chemicals, ceramic, plastic, pharmacy and more.


    • Zero emission
    • Higher product recovery
    • Excellent air flow
    • Supremely advanced


    • Chemicals
    • Acid Resistance Finish
    • Ceramic
    • Plastic
    • Pharmacy

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