PTFE Coated Belt

PTFE Coated Belt

Keeping in mind the specific industrial needs, Shreeji Industries manufactures finest range of PTFE Coated Belts. The advanced belts feature user-friendly design and offer desired output with elegance.

The PTFE coated fiberglass cloth belt has been designed with quality non-flammable and non-toxic materials. It has the operating temperature range of 50-degree Celsius to 260-degree Celsius range.

It offers smooth release and is dimensionally stable. It is resistance to most chemicals and solvents.

The standard belts come with or without buttons. It also features eyelets. To suit the required industrial needs, the belt is available in many sizes and designs. In addition, modified solution is also provided on demand. As the prominent supplier & exporter of high quality coated belts, we strive towards perfection and never compromise with the quality.

The coated belt has its immense usability in several applications like, microwave cooking, confectionary conveying, relaxed dryer, rotary printing machine etc.


  • Resistant to most chemical and solvents
  • Operating temperature ranges of 50-degree Celsius to 260-degree Celsius range.
  • Quality non-flammable and non-toxic materials
  • Smooth release


  • Microwave cooking
  • Confectionary conveying
  • Relaxed dryer
  • Rotary printing machine

“ We Will Also Take Customized Order As Per Clients Requirements. ”

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