High Silica Cloth

Shreeji Industries has been known to manufacture excellent range of High Silica Cloths. The silica cloth contains 90% silicone dioxide.

With the ability to withstand continuous temperature of 900-degree Celsius and most significantly, the instantaneous temperature of 1400-degree Celsius, the silica cloth is highly heat resistant. It has been made to be suitable for rocket and missile manufacturing in the aerospace industries.

The yarn and filtration mesh pieces that are treated with the use of high resistance coating. They are perfectly suitable for heat preservation materials as well as fire fighting equipments such as fireproof garments. They are excellent in dust collection and filtration equipments.

The cloths are found in a comprehensive range of models. They are designed in keeping with individual specifications as well. Being the foremost supplier & exporter, we ensure our manufactured products exemplify the true standard.

They are used in many applications like, welding/cutting protection, molten metal splash protection, heat and flame shielding and more.


  • Highly heat resistant
  • 90% silicone dioxide
  • Excellent output
  • Incredibly durable


  • Welding/cutting protection
  • Molten metal splash protection
  • Heat and flame shielding

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