Carbon Thread

Carbon Thread

In these days, carbon fiber is made of strong materials. It is lightweight to access and give stiff. It is a polymer material which manufactured to use for may usage. Carbon Thread is stiffer and stronger than steel. We processed crystal alignment on the manufacturing of carbon material. By using microscopic crystal fiber are aligned on the long axis. It is thinner than other materials. However, the thread is easy to use, which contains less weight with high strength ratio. You may find tolerant temperature on operating the thread. It has low thermal expansion and high chemical resistant that comfortable to access elegantly.

This thread is available with the permanent shape for the longest time. In addition, it is high tensile and stiffness to access. It is manufactured with lots of parts to offer high performance. In all properties, carbon is used to offer a valuable solution for clients on investing in the product. With perfect production methods, products are manufactured by experts. You might able to pick the right size that suitable for specific needs. It will be ranges from industrial application and production techniques. So, choose the right product from the online store at a lesser price.

Carbon thread main


PropertiesUS unitsSI Units
Tensile Strength580 ± 30 ksi4000 ± 200 mpa
Tensile Modulus35 ± 1.5 msi240 +- 10 gpa
Elongation1.6 ± 0.065 %
Density1.81 ± 0.02 gm/cm3
Filament Diameter7 microns

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