Aramid thread

Aramid Thread

The Aramid thread is advanced technology staple fibers. This thread has strength and heat resistance. Due to its features, the aramid thread is used for firefighter clothing and other application. The armored cable and ropes are used for climbing and boats. It degrades in the sunlight and the high ultraviolet environment. The protective coating is applied to this thread that provides the heat resistance.

The Aramid Thread is used for the various applications such as heat shield tarpaulins, fire fighter clothing, welding gloves, welding aprons, safety apparel, bulletproof vests and others. This thread is strong and durable when compared to the other kind of the thread. This kind of the thread is the smallest part of the material content.


The aramid thread has the great feature than the other thread such as stretchiness, melting, decomposition, and others. This thread is available in different colors so you can purchase the thread as per your needs. The aramid thread is made up of the high-quality materials that provide longer durability. It has good resistance to the bases and dilute acids. It is also used for drumheads, sporting goods, hot air filtration fabrics and others.

  • Decomposition – Aramid begins to decompose (turn to ash) at about 800F  (426C). Much higher than nylon or polyester.
  • Melting – Aramid thread does not melt. This is important in fire retardant gear.
  • Stretchiness – Aramid thread stretches about 2% before it breaks. For example, a 100 foot piece of Aramid would be 102 feet long just before it breaks. If you sew stretchy fabrics with Aramid the seams will pucker.
  • Acids and Alkalis – Good resistance to dilute acids and bases. Degraded by strong mineral acids and to lesser extent, by strong mineral bases. This is important when Aramid thread is used in a laboratory setting.
  • Bleaching and Solvents – Should not be bleached. Excellent solvent resistance. This matters when Aramid gear is reused.
  • Mildew, Aging, and Sunlight – Excellent resistance to mildew and aging. Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes deterioration. Polyester thread works just as well in some cases.
  • Abrasion – Good abrasion resistance.
  • Color–Nobody buys filament Aramid thread for its color. It normally comes a color called Natural (yellow) and  cannot be dyed after it is manufactured. Usually, color is not a problem because it takes a back seat to strength and heat resistance in most applications.
  • There is some black filament Aramid on the market. We sell it when available, but do not have a steady source.

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